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We’re delighted to announce that CV Logix just launched two new ranges of rotating electrics, one from NAPA TRUCK, the other from Apec Truck.  Between them they cover all your rotating electrical parts requirements.  

Charge Your Fleet with NAPA Starter Motors & Alternators 

The latest product range to launch in the NAPA Truck brand is Starter Motors & Alternators. 

A range of over 100 references covering top applications, manufactured to OE specification is available to order today.   

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The NAPA Truck range is top quality, competitively priced and feature packed.   

  • Cover all major vehicle manufacturers 
  • Continued investment in the latest technology 
  • Produced using premium WDB bearings to ensure longevity 
  • 100% brand new units – no old core surcharges apply 

Check out the Apec TRUCK Rotating Electrics Range 

Apec Truck also has over 100 references in their range of Starter Motors & Alternators.  Apec’s products are all manufactured using high-quality and durable materials and extensive 

testing is carried out on every product to ensure they meet and exceeds the required quality standards. 

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Apec TRUCK offers Quality Without Compromise as all their parts are: 

  • OE spec & quality 
  • Extreme tolerance tested 
  • Competitively priced 
  • Meet ISO9001 & IATF 16949 standards 

For advice on the best NAPA or Apec option for your application contact one of our friendly counter team and we’ll get your order to you directly. 

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