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We said we’d keep you up to date with the latest ranges from NAPA and true to our word here are two that have just landed.  Both are what we’d call ‘core’ products, so we’re delighted to grow our already good selection of lubricants and air tanks with new ranges of air tanks and oils and greases from NAPA TRUCK.  

NAPA TRUCK Air Tanks and Straps 

Outstanding under pressure, the latest product range to launch in the NAPA Truck brand is Air Tanks.  They comprise a range of over 49 references covering top applications, and as you would expect they are manufactured to OE specification.   

In actual fact we’ve noticed that NAPA TRUCK air tanks are actually manufactured from 2.5mm gauge steel rather than the industry standard 2.0mm.  Then to offer you added peace of mind they also come with a 2-year warranty.  

Other features of the NAPA Truck range of air tanks include the facts that they:  

Cover all major vehicle manufacturers 
Are sealed for optimum corrosion protection 
Certified to ISO9001 and IATF 16949 standards 

As well as the new range of air tanks NAPA has also just launched a new range of…. 

NAPA Truck Oils & Greases 

We no longer stock TRUCKTEC oils or greases and are now making the change to NAPA TRUCK.  NAPA TRUCK oil has been produced to meet or exceed OEM vehicle specifications, and with advanced technology, in every drop, it ensures complete engine and transmission protection. 

You can get full details on the entire range in NAPAs latest automotive product guide for lubricants. 

Download the guide
  1. Engine Oils 

The NAPA Truck Oils range covers the most modern trucks and buses as well as older models. The range features low SAPS, fully synthetic engine oils, long drain semi synthetics and traditional mineral oil grades.  

  1. Gear & Transmission Oils 

A  comprehensive range of gear and transmission lubricants designed and manufactured to handle the huge stresses placed upon commercial vehicles. Cutting edge research and stringent product testing guarantees NAPA Truck Gear & Transmission Oils surpass the ever-evolving demands. 

And last but not least…. 

  1. Greases 

Available in a range of sizes from 400g up to 180kg, NAPA Truck Greases can be easily applied to protect parts and keep fleets moving. All our greases are specifically formulated to facilitate professional-grade automotive maintenance and repair with OE standards of performance 

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